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Monday, 2 July 2012

"Story of my healthy hairs"

Healthy hairs are defined as beautiful, long & shiny. And I guess a girl could do anything to get healthy hairs. To maintain healthy hairs is not an easy task, and there are many obstacles in their growth. Hairs require maintenance as well as care & sometimes a treatment too.
Pollution, hard water, bad quality shampoo and over exposure to sunlight are the main reasons for hair damage, which results in hair fall, dryness, dandruff, splitting and so on. Sometimes over dosage of tablets, drugs, drinks may also be the reason. Many experts and doctors have proved that.

Change of hormones is the another and one of the main reasons. A teen ager  can suffer hair damage due to hormonal changes,but proper care and expert advice helps a lot to overcome the problem.
I too had suffered a lot from this problem and the reason was pollution & dust. Had changed a number of shampoos, took treatments, discussed with many friends, took Ayurvedic as well as elopethic  treatment but the result was zero. :( :(
I just loved my hairs and this damage was slowly increasing my mental pressure. I was really worried. I still remember, my mother applied onion paste in my hairs and the smell didn't went up to a week, and even with 10 times hair wash ;( ;( .
Number of people with number of suggestions & advices for home treatments, I tried nearly everything but it was still not working. I was fed up with the problems and then my aunt told me to apply aloe-Vera paste in my hairs. She told that it will help me and wont cause any harm and no side effects too. And she was right :)
Slowly my hairs were recovering from their worst stage. The rate of hair fall went decreasing with reduction in splitting & dandruff. They were overcoming from the stage of damage to healthy. Also there was no need of conditioner and my hairs are more silky then before.I was again "ok" mentally ,and my happiness was back again as previous. 

My hairs are again healthy now and that was the end of my hair problems!!

I still apply aloe-Vera paste without a miss every Sunday.  Thanks to my aunt and her healthy advice.



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