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Thursday, 4 October 2012

That one call....

8 Long awaited days...and my mom is back yesterday :)
The home is back with its joy and the happiness she cherish ...

Again I can see her early in the morning,, b-z in her stuffs...!!

Again I can wait for her, in the afternoon that once she comes from the school we can share the tea....

Again I can share my stupid blunders with her....!!

And most importantly my family would not suffer more with the meal I wad preparing for them :D

Late in the afternoon yesterday,, my phone buzzed... It was mamma ... calling me to pick her up. She was out of state for some tournament of her students (As she is an sports teacher).
I rushed down the stairs of my apartment in the same outfit :D I couldn't wait to see her once again... I covered myself with the scarf..ready with my activa and just took a flight :D
I drove like a mad to pick her up..all I need was to see her... Finally I reached..and I could see her on the other side of the road waiting for me....
But that bullshit signal!!

I wished If I could turn it green for a moment so that i could just move on,, but damn!!
For the first time in my life I felt as if that signal went red for a long hour...

Finally it turned green after some time and I was with my maa :)

She is a beautiful gift to me...and she is the best of best friend one could ever have!!
Thank GOD...she is back... and M happy...very very happy again :)



  1. Beautiful tribute to your mother, yes mothers are best gift to everyone.