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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hand in hand....

I turn once again
to witness you some more
And I realise..
You were also waiting for me to turn..
Our eyes exchange the feelings
and words remain silent

You are at one hand distance to me
But i feel.. you are many miles far...

Its harder for me to speak
but some how i made my efforts..
And before i could start
you keep your fingers on my lips..

'Silence speak more'... you say
and with your words
I get deeper meanings
And we turn more emotional,this way....

Its time to depart.. we realise
But I dont want to go anymore..
Atleast not this way...
And with this note..i decided to stay!!
To live with you..hand in hand
for life & lifetime.....



  1. Yeah, do not depart, hold his hands and stay with him forever :-P